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Southampton, while having a strong naval and maritime history, has only been a city since the 1960's. This shows, as the city centre is considerably smaller than somewhere such as Reading (still a town) for instance. This makes walking very easy, as all major streets are now pedestrianised. The parks are very agreeable for a picnic lunch, but don't venture in to them after dark - pikeys abound as they travel down from portsmouth in the evenings!

Southampton's climate is one of the most moderate climates for the whole of the UK, with higher temperatures than the national average and even neighbouring cities.  

The road network is, as in all British cities, confusing. Less busy than most though, but watch out for traffic lights, there are more sets of traffic lights in Southampton than roundabouts in Basingstoke! Parking facilities are abysmal, but with the equally bad bus and train services, a visitor is left no choice. Try not to park in the overpriced and over-busy West Quay complex, but in one of the other multi-storeys (East Street is a good bet).

There are a few good pubs in the centre of the city, most notably the two J.D. Wetherspoon's (expect to meet plenty of students), the Hogshead, and the most aptly named Gay pub ever - The Hampshire Ram. Restaurants worth looking at are Kuti's Brasserie (Indian), Kama (Indian) and everything else really. Avoid the seafood restaurants in Ocean Village however - poor quality, expensive, and bad service.

If you are thinking of becoming a student at the University - make sure you complain about the Union. Prices can be more expensive than city centre pubs, and "The Cube" as it is now called lacks any sort of character whatsoever. For an "authentic" Student Union experience, you will be be welcome at the Southampton Institute Union - which is in town, very cheap, and always busy!


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