Chichester Travel Guide

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Chichester is a cathedral city full of history, over 2,000 years of history. It is nestled between two of what Britain calls "Areas of Outstanding National Beauty", Chichester Harbor and South Downs, which are both gorgeous areas to explore. The city is a great place for kids, most attractions that would be considered interesting only for adults, like museums and historic sites, have programs and tours specifically for children. A vacation here can be expensive or cheap; it just depends on what you prefer and what you can afford. You can stay at a cheap hostel and go to budget eateries, but you can just as well stay at a luxury resort and spa and dine out at elegant, one-of-a-kind restaurants.


Chichester has a variety of campsites and hostels for the budget-minded tourists. They are usually under $20 USD per night, and some are actually very nice with features such as cable T.V., Internet access, and private bathrooms. For about $100-$150 you can stay in a self-catering cottage; these can be quite luxurious. Cozy, English Bed and Breakfasts are popular as well. Two rather "special" types of accommodation are the expensive luxury resorts and spas and accommodations at local farms. The former will keep you entirely pampered, while the latter will give you an up-close perspective on farm life in the area.


Cream tea, fish and chips, toad-in-the-hole, bangers and mash, black pudding, and trifle are just a few of the English classics you'll find in Chichester. The Millstream Restaurant and the restaurant at The Fish House are both great choices. Make sure to try out the "Traditional English Breakfast"; with eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, fried bread, and baked beans, you won't be hungry for lunch!


At Chichester Harbor you can take free guided walks all year long or take a trip on a boat powered by the sun. You can also relax and unwind by strolling along the long beaches. The Fishbourne Roman Palace is a famous Roman residence that boasts intricate mosaics, a Romen Gardening Museum, and gorgeous architecture. Go on an audio visual program tour of the palace, and afterward, you can walk through the Collections Discovery Center with its exciting archaeological displays.

History buffs will appreciate the Chichester Cathedral as well as Petworth House, Uppark, Goodwood Housse, and Stansted Park, which are all famous, historical houses in the Chichester. They are all hundreds of years old.

Little Oak Bonsai is another cute attraction. It has everything you'd want to know about Bonsai, including displays, koi ponds, and a refreshment bar.

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