Canterbury Travel Guide

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Canterbury boasts a multitude of attractions that will thrill those interested in history and literature. There are museums, castles, and churches that will make the trip memorable.

The Roman Museum

The Roman Museum depicts local life during Roman times and displays an excavated Roman House that was found in the area. There are two sites for Canterbury Castle the first a small mud castle and the ruins of the stone castle built in the 1100’s nearby where admission is free. The Old Weaver’s Houses is dedicated to Huguenot refugees coming to England from Belgium to escape persecution by Catholics. A branch of the River Stour runs next to these houses and a guided boat tour takes you past the old Ducking Stool, a form of punishment and way to see if one was a witch, and past the gardens and houses. Children love the Museum of Canterbury on Stour Street. There is a section dedicated to Rupert Bear, a popular character from a beloved children’s book.


Many churches in the area are of historical significance like St. Martin’s Church, a UNESCO “World Heritage site” and the oldest parish church in England that is still in use. Entrance fee is a donation but you must check to see if the church is open before you go. The Ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey is on Longport near St. Martin’s.  Visitors can listen to a multi language audio guide at the ruins and there is a small museum. The abbey was founded in 598 and was the center of the Church of England. There is an exhibition based on Canterbury Tales at St. Margaret’s Church on St. Margaret’s street. These famous stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer were about the journeys of pilgrims coming from London to Canterbury. Canterbury Cathedral is the site where Thomas Becket, the famous archbishop of Canterbury immortalized by T S Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral”, was buried. Henry the VIII destroyed the tomb because it was so popular and only a candle stands at the site now. 


There are charming shops selling antiques to art all through town making shopping a pleasant experience. Everywhere you look you will find something interesting to purchase and take home with you. 


There is a host of hotels in town with budget hotels costing as little as ₤65 to higher priced hotels with great amenities at ₤250 per night. Canterbury also offers all types of cuisines from cheaper pizza places and fast food chains to Pubs and Restaurants catering to nationalistic foods. Anything you wish to eat can be found at any price in town. 

Canterbury makes a great vacation site for the literature and history buff, but also appeals to the masses. 

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