Top 5 Must Do's in Manchester

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Manchester is a metropolitan city located in the northern quarter of the U.K. which is why it is sometimes called the Capital of the North and thereforeManchester Must do’s will include everything from revisiting its history to experiencing its vibrant present. Manchester is popular art center, having diverse cultures and an ever-expanding economy. It’s a city of firsts (first British city to run the light rail Metro link tram system) and a city now more associated with art, music and football. This is a far cry from its past history as the textile center of the United Kingdom. The city is proud of its textile heritage, though, and has various mills still standing proud in the downtown area.

1. Wheel of Manchester

Wheel of Manchester is a mammoth glass and chrome wheel that gives a bird's eye view of the city. It rises some 60 meters off its grounding in front of Selfridges Department Square. This is, of course, not as big as the Millennium Wheel in London but the experience of being up in the wheel can be very exhilarating.

2. Join the Party

Manchester is known as the place to find all things vintage and off-beat. This character is translated from the bars, the record shops and the famous nightclubs to the locals who are regarded as the artiest types of people in the U.K. These people can be found hanging out at places with names like Socio Rehab. The Northern Quarter might look shabby in parts but this adds to its artsy character. Unlike the many other places in the U.K., the snobbishness often associated with trendy nightspots is not found in Manchester. The standard uniform is expensive disheveled jeans and sneakers for guys. The first thing to do when you are in Manchester is to get a look. The night life alone sees some 130,000 people visiting the many establishments lined up from Canal Street to Oxford Road. The city hosts an event called Madchester, an excuse for the locals to party like there won’t be a tomorrow.

3. Visit Coronation Street

Granada Studios also offers studio tours to allow visitors to step into the television world of shows such as Coronation Street. Visitors can have their photos taken in front of popular Coronation Street landmarks.

4. Old Trafford

Visit Old Trafford for a Manchester United game. Old Trafford is easy to reach using the tram link system that runs from central Manchester. It is advisable however to plan this well in advance as tickets are almost all sold out, as you would expect them to be for a team that has dominated the UEFA league for so long and is the pride of the city.

5. Albert Square

Manchester Town Hall was built in 1880. The architectural style is neo-Gothic which is carried to most if the city's buildings. The town hall sits on Albert Square with a statue of Prince Albert.

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