Getting Around in Manchester

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Visitors to Manchester can feel relaxed about Manchester Transportation facilities. Manchester is among the most prolific of metropolitan areas within England. It has an enviable public transportation system. Visitors have various choices for getting around in Manchester, like:

Getting Around Manchester on Foot

Manchester can be interpreted as a very walkable city wherein most of the popular destinations are located at a walking distance of barely 20 minutes from the city center. Walking is the most popular medium of commuting when shopping in Manchester since it allows shoppers to enter the slightly-congested streets. Walking between heavily-toured locations like Albert Square and Arndale Shopping Centre does not take more seven-to-eight minutes, by foot.

Getting Around Manchester by Bus

Nearly every local bus can be boarded from the Central Bus Station at Chorlton Street. Among local buses, the National Express Coach Services is well-known for its systematic bus-service. Another important bus station is the Lever Street GMPTE Station. Buses connect to all the nearby cities and boroughs, including Glasgow, Heathrow, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Bradford and Liverpool. The Greater Manchester Bus Service along Route 3 passes through most popular destination of Manchester.

Getting Around Manchester by Taxis

Taxis function in a regimented manner in Manchester. The fares are fixed when the taxi is boarded from some, important locales. Fares are also fixed for the neighboring boroughs and the waiting period.

Getting Around Manchester by Trams

Manchester has a globally-known tram-system. Even during peak office-hours, visitors can board a tram and reach the other end of the city within minutes. However, it is better to use the trams after 9:30 a.m. since this is when crowds from neighboring cities also pour-in. Visitors can expect a tram every few minutes at the main tram junctions.

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