Sheffield Travel Guide

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Sheffield Peace Gardens

Sheffield Peace Gardens

Sheffield is one of those industrial cities of England where one can still see the impact of the steel making industry that made Sheffield into what it is these days. Although some people consider it an uncharming and depressing city, others love this city at the heart of Britain because of the combination of a thriving steel making industry with a modern pulse, set in hilly surroundings with the moors and the famous Peak district only a few miles away.

These days, Sheffield has about half of a million inhabitants and attracts visitors from all over the world, not in the least because of its rapid and fairly short (approximately 2,5 hours) connection with London. There are several good museums, most of them dedicated to the city’s industrial past, subsequent growth and prosperity, and the present. Besides that, Sheffield has two universities and offers excellent sport facilities and an active nightlife scene. The Yorkshire countryside lends itself perfectly for a walking trip. 

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