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Leeds Parish Church

Leeds Parish Church

Barrie Pepper

The city of Leeds, located in West Yorkshire, England, has an estimated population of 761,100 as of 2007. The climate in Leeds is very stable compared to many countries where the average high for January is 42F (5C) and the average high during August is 68F (20C). There are numerous skyscrapers in Leeds, though many of the planned buildings expected to exceed the tallest in the city have been either put on hold or scrapped all together due to the faltering world economy.The city skyline has sadly been sullied in recent years with a proliferation of bland student accomadation blocks.The city reputation has also been harmed by a buy-to-let culture in the city centre which has left many new developments virtually devoid of tenants in the aftermath of the housing boom and subsequent crash.  Still, the city shows a unique mixture of old and new in parts. Due to it being such a large city, there are numerous activities to take part in and diverse shopping is abundant. Bus transportation is easily accessible so most every activity is just a few minutes away.

Things to Do

Even if you don't have a lot of extra money, strolling around the shops in Leeds in the city center is always a sight to see. There are large and expensive chains such as Louis Vouitton and small businesses owned by families.

When it comes to clubs and nightlife, Leeds boasts to be the second most popular area in England with a large nightlife revolving around clubs such as Back to Basics and Speedqueen. Many of these clubs don't play just one type of music, but numerous genres. Most have unique themes from antique to modern to tropical, providing a comfortable and lively atmosphere.

Places to See

If you are visiting Leeds for a history lesson, you've chosen the right place. There are so many ancient buildings, fortresses and abbeys that it may seem hard to decide which ones to visit. Kirkstall Abbey is amongst the most popular sites of Leeds and, though it is mostly ruins, there is still a definite castle-like structure remaining. The Corn Exchange is another unique building with an antique design and a domed top.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in Leeds is readily available for any budget. The Comfort Inn Leeds is a nice and relatively cheap hotel to visit. The building is in the city center with great shopping right around the corner. Cafes and numerous pubs are abundant in the area as well. Prices start at around $50 per night. Golden Lion Hotel Leeds is a beautiful accommodation with all of the modern amenities such as a radio, television and DVD and CD player in-suite. Room prices start at around $137 per night and rooms are clean and luxurious.

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