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a view of guernsey from between sark & little sark

a view of guernsey from between sark & little sark

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The Channel Islands are a group of islands off the coast of Normandy, France, in the English Channel. They comprise two separate bailiwicks: The Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey.

Both the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey are British Channel Islands (Crown Dependencies), but neither is part of the United Kingdom.

They have been part of the Duchy of Normandy since the 10th century and Queen Elizabeth II is often referred to by her traditional and conventional title of Duke of Normandy.

The Bailiwick of Guernsey includes the islands/islets of:

Alderney (NE of Guernsey and closest to France)
  Burhou (N of Alderney) 

Lihou (Westernmost of the Channel Islands - off SW Guernsey)
           connected to Guernsey at low-tide by an ancient causeway

Herm (E of Guernsey)
 Jethou (off SW of Herm)

Sark (SE of Herm) and  Little Sark (connected to S Sark by causeway)
 Brecqhou (W of Sark) Tenement of Sark - disputed by present tenants.

The small island of Sark is a car-free zone, where the only vehicles are horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, tractors, and battery-powered buggies or motorized bicycles for elderly or disabled people.  The airspace over Sark is a no-fly zone.

Sark is the last feudal state in Europe, as fief still exists and the people holding land in fief have political privileges. It was voted to change this in March 2006, but the changes are yet to take force.  The new system will retain some aspects of Norman government. The Seigneur of Sark is the head of the feudal government of the Isle of Sark.

The Bailiwick of Jersey includes the islands/islets of:


Les Ecréhous - 6mls NE of Jersey
(Maîtr'Île, La Marmotchiéthe/La Marmotière, Lé Bliantch'Île/La Blanche Île, Les D'mies, La Grand' Naithe, L'Êtchièrviéthe, Lé Fou, La Froutchie.

Les Minquers - 9mls S of Jersey  (Maîtresse Île, Les Maisons, Le Niêsant, Les Faucheurs, La Haute Grune).


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