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In the West Midlands of the United Kingdom lies the city of Coventry, also known as the Three Spired Jewel. This is a city filled with ornate cathedrals and churches and is also the industrial center of this region. Sadly, Coventry is not as beautiful as it once was. The Germans bombed it heavily during World War II, and most of the historical sites have been restored, but not to their original splendor.

Travel to this city can be expensive compared to others, in dining and accommodations as well as entrance fees to different areas. However, you do get a lot of quality for your money. This city is a great vacation for pretty much everyone; families, older couples, younger couples, groups of friends, and solo travelers will all find something enjoyable in this eclectic city.


Coventry is just filled with 3 to 4 star guest houses, making them arguably the most popular type of accommodation. Perhaps this is because of the cozy, historical atmosphere they provide. The majority are set in old, restored houses with pretty, well-kept gardens. They also usually feature Wi-Fi and central heating/air conditioning. Some nice guest houses include the Spire View Guest House, the Merlyn Guest House, and the Highcroft Guest House.

The city also has all of the typical budget hotels at their standard prices ($60-$150), bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels, and quite elegant serviced apartments.


From cathedrals, churches, and historical sites, to art galleries, casinos, and gardens, Coventry has a little something for everyone. Check out the Black Swan Terrace where you can see what a weaver’s life was like in 1560, or look at the restored Doom Painting from the in the 12th century Holy Trinity Church. The history of the area as well as contemporary life is portrayed by 31 artists on the Coventry Canal Art Trail. You can also enjoy the Godiva Heritage Tour, the Jane Austen Tour, and the Ultimate Coventry Ghost Tour. Nature lovers will appreciate the Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve and the Garden of International Friendship.


Coventry has a wide selection of restaurants, bars, bistros, and cafes that include food from many parts of the world from Italian to Thai. Noodle bars are very popular and include Chinese, Cantonese, and Thai cuisine. You can find many restaurants clustered in Station Square, Priory Place, and the Skydome Arena Complex. For something a little more traditional and English, be sure to stop by Benedict’s Tea Room at Coventry Cathedral. It’s a classic that specializes in clotted cream and scones.



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