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Golden Eagle Monument

Golden Eagle Monument

Vlad Butsky

Located between Kharkiv and Kyiv in Ukraine, Poltava is not much of a tourist destination. The city is probably best known as the site of a 1709 battle between a coalition of Cossacks, led by Mazepa, and the Swedes (Charles XII) against the Russian army of Czar Peter I. The subsequent Russian victory in battle established Russia’s prominent position in Europe and consequently Ukraine’s decline.

The battlefield and its monuments are the major draw. A museum displays the rather large uniform of Czar Peter, who was unusually tall. In town, visit the October Park, the gun-barrel-shaped Column of Glory and the Spassky Church, which is actually an outer shell protecting an earlier, wooden church inside.

Next year in our city will be a big celebration because of Poltava battle 300 years anniversary. So, the royal family of Sweden is going to visit our city.

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