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sudak, reconstructed walls

sudak, reconstructed walls

jan wojtynski

City-health resort Sudak is situated in South-west seaside, in mountian chain Crimea mountian. All of thet favourable influence of climate - he soft, without sharp change. Summer-hot and dry weater. Winter-is not stable fast. Spring-warm and violnet. Healf season -so long(180 days in year). So rich vegetations and animal world surround this beautiful and ancient nook Crimea. Sudak is a center of the viticulture region. Ancient name city Sudak - Sukdeia or Surosh. about his ancient settelment in lll centery our ere. We have arheologic things and documents about settelmant Grees and virantiriv.

Archologis founded the document about stop first people epoch bronze. And founded bones of animals thinkof work stone-centery. Fondation of Sudak and bild hirs fortressin 212 year. Archologis founded cons Vl-V centery our ere of the portraul at the stone grease God. Glory rickes of Sudak spread of all over the world. Klimate at Sudak wide make in medical object. Now bilding new hotel and sanatorium.


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