Day Trips in Zurich

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Nicollette Gunson

There are many things you can see and do close to Zurich. In winter you can go skiing in the mountains, in summer you can go out on the lake. There are also many charming towns and cities within day tripping distance.

One place is Regensberg. Its is a beautiful village just 20mins by train (on the S5 train) from Zurich. With a castel, cafes and great view over villages into mountains it is a must see!

Whether you want to take bike tracks or hiking through mountains and forest.. Regensberg has it all... just off the train at Dielsdorf and there is a bus awaiting to take you up to this picturesque village.

Be sure to take a camera, you won't be disappointed!

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Hoch Ybrig

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Hoch Ybrig is a ski area close to Zurich. By public transport you can get here in 1,5 hours. First by train to Einsiedeln and then by bus. You can get a combined ticket for train, bus and the skiing area at the station.

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Einsiedeln is in one of the oldest Swiss cantons (Schwyz). The main attraction is the monastery. The monastery is well worth a visit.

There is saying in Switzerland that there are more restaurants in Einsiedeln than citizens.

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