Zermatt Travel Guide

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View of Zermatt from a hiking trail.

View of Zermatt from a hiking trail.

Zermatt is a heavenly, vehicle-free Swiss village that is famous for its breathtaking mountain ranges and    enthralling winter sports. The Zermatt Travel Guide offers visitors information on the characteristics, attractions and activities and accommodation options in this charming country-side region.


Zermatt is a complete no-pollution region that is located in the upper Valais portion (one of the famous alpine cantons of Switzerland). The natural landscape of the region is spectacular and absolutely marvelous with lush country-side meadows and snow-clad mountains flanking the village from all sides. Zermatt is a quintessentially beautiful European country-side hamlet that is often explicitly described in books and travel journals. The small town is predictably a crowded hotspot for outdoor activities like mountaineering and skiing along with a host of other winter sports. Zermatt also offers a stunning view of the Matterhorn alpine mountain range, that was conquered in 1865. The entire town is a marked car free zone, which makes the trip through the enchanting country-side all the more alluring.
Walk through the striking hayfields with cattle grazing all around you in the backdrop of a scintillating sunset and bird songs for an extremely pleasant and memorable rural   journey. Since no vehicles are allowed in the town, the best way to reach here is by train with a Swiss Transfer Ticket or general rail pass.

Attractions and activities

One of the main attractions in Zermatt is mountain biking through the curvy and dramatic ranges of the town. Bikes are let out by several shops around the village for a daily rent. Visitors can go on a biking trail through the ski lifts and famous peaks including the Rothorn and Schwarsee points.   The Rothorn area is a cyclist’s haven with coarse paths and a thrilling summit accentuating the adventure quotient. There are several serene routes and virgin cycling paths that cut through the narrow mountain streets of Zermatt. The Breithorn is a super place to go mountain hiking with its intimidating slopes and weak snow surface. Glacier Paradise is a popular ski zone that is frequented by several tourists during the peak skiing season. European Snowsport – Zermatt Ski School is a nice place to enroll for a beginner’s skiing instruction course. The most splendid attraction in Zermatt is the famous Matterhorn mountain range that is a gorgeous sight to behold.     


Zermatt, though small in size, is a pricey holiday option and most places here are exorbitantly charged in the peak season. There are around seven hundred odd accommodation choices including time shares, camps, vacation villas and hotels. Budget travelers can check out Hotel Bahngof, a dormitory property that has a hostel-type accommodation pattern. Other destinations in the category are Matterson Hostel. For a mid-range accommodation option try Hotel Allalin or Daniele and Parnass. Alpenroyal is another popular mid-segment pick. For swanky splurge options, Mont Cervin, The Omnia and Zermatterhof rule for their complete luxury packages and customized services meant to pamper their patrons.  

Zermatt is an artistic collage of hypnotic country-side meadows, charming bird-songs and enamoring mountain ranges that will keep visitors coming back for more.    






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