Lauterbrunnen Travel Guide

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Lauterbrunnen is a small town 10km from Interlaken, to which it is connected by road and rail. It is spectacularly sited at the entrance to the Lauterbrunnen valley - 400m white cliffs topped with pines and dotted with waterfalls.

Lauterbrunnen is well served by public transport, being on one leg of the rail line up to the Jungfraujoch (at 3454m, the highest train station in Europe), and the Lauterbrunnen region has numerous cog-railways, gondolas, cable-cars and funicular railways making getting around very easy indeed.

Above Lauterbrunnen, above the valley on either side are the car-free villages of Wengen and Murren (visitors can park in the large car-park at the south end of Lauterbrunnen and carry on up via train or on foot). The scenery is magnificent, with a glorious mountain view around every corner, and the comprehensive transport network means that one can ride up the tough bits, and walk along the edge of the valley wall. Though going up or coming down the 400 to 800 metres from the top of the valley can be tough on the knees, it is the only way to see some of the views. Of course there are so many spectacular sights in this region that it's impossible to miss out completely.

The town has two banks, each with an ATM outside.

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