When to Go in Geneva

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"The City of Peace", as Geneva is called, is a global city with things to do in every one of its four distinct seasons. When you should go depends mostly on what you want to do, and which type of weather you prefer. Each season has its own specialties and attractions. If you want to go to the beach to swim and bask in the sun, or do some hiking or biking, then spring and summer are your best choices. If you prefer to visit museums, art galleries, and historical buildings, or do winter sports, then fall and winter are the perfect seasons to go. The city, itself, is located at quite a high altitude (1,210 ft) and is next to a lake, as well. This means that the temperatures never get too hot or too cold in the area because of the consistent lake breezes that moderate extreme temperatures. The surrounding mountains of Geneva create a barrier for the rain making the city one of Switzerland's driest. The area still receives scattered rains all year long, but the mountains make the amount of rain much less than it would actually be.

Summer and Fall

The summer season is very popular in Geneva. There are many outdoor events and parties going on, and the weather is perfect for a stroll along the cafe lined streets in the evening. Summer days can be warm to hot, with average temperatures in the 70s. The humidity is at its highest compared to the rest of the year, although its not so high as to be unpleasant. July and August are the hottest months, but the cool breeze off the lake makes the weather more comfortable. Nighttime temperatures are even more comfortable, which is why most people stay awake late and have events and get-togethers at night during the summer. When it gets towards autumn, around the end of September, the morning and evening temperatures drop and become damp, even as the daytime temperatures stay decent. September and October are the rainiest months of the year.

Winter and Spring

Winters aren't that extreme in Geneva; the temperature stays right above freezing, so generally it doesn't frost very often. Frost is pretty much the worst winter weather the city gets. The coldest months are January and February, but as long as you have a nice, warm coat, it's still comfortable to walk around the city enjoying the different cultural and historical sites. Spring is an even better time for walking around the city. The rainfall decreases significantly, the sun comes out, and temperatures stay around the 50s. March and April have especially sunny weather.

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