Budget Travel Ideas in Geneva

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Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland. It is considered one of the most compact metropolises in the world and extends into France. Geneva has the third highest quality of life in the world. The city is walled-in by the Alps and Jura mountain chains. Though there are museums and galleries in Geneva, many of the most popular attractions are free and, because the city is somewhat compact, many activities are within walking distance.

Getting There

Switzerland has it's own airline called Swiss Air that flies to many cities in the world. You can find good prices here, but you should also take a look at some of the multi-airline search engines. These search engines will compare prices of many of the most popular airlines and give you the cheapest prices. Also, if possible, try to fly during the week, as it is generally cheaper, as is flying off-season. On most airline websites, while searching for a flight, you can check a box that says "my dates are flexible". This will give you all of the different prices for most every day of every month so you can look through and choose what best suits you.

What to Do

A great fact about staying in Geneva is that, if you stay in a hotel, hostel, or camp, you will get a free Geneva Transport Card for the duration of your stay. This will provide you with free city transportation by boat, train, or bus throughout the area. Many of the beautiful places to see in Geneva public sites that you don't have to pay for. Visit the Flower Clock in Jardin Anglais (English Garden), Saint Peter's Cathedral (a small fee if you want to conquer the 157 steps up the tower), or the Reformation Wall that holds 450 years of Protestant history.

Where to Stay

There aren't a large amount of hostels in Geneva, but those that are there are nice and modern and, as previously mentioned, all accommodation includes a free Geneva Transport Card for your entire stay. The Geneva City Hostel may well be the cheapest place to stay with beds starting at only $30 per night. If you'd rather have your own private room, prices for single rooms start at only $55 per night (you won't find this low price often). Although you will not have an en-suite toilet and shower, there are bathroom blocks on every level which is almost better, as they make sure these are as clean as possiible.

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