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Margarethenkirche, Basel, Switzerland

Margarethenkirche, Basel, Switzerland

Basel, the third largest city of Switzerland, is known as a pharmaceutical multinational center. However, it would be a bit narrow-minded to leave it at that. Basel is an interesting arty city, split up by the river Rhine and its medieval past is endowed with some of the greatest minds of European history, including Erasmus, Ulrich Zwingli and later Friedrich Nietzsche and Hermann Hesse. Its long-standing patronage of the arts has resulted in a monoply of first-rate museums and galleries, which are well worth visiting, as is its historic center. The right bank (better known as Kleinbasel) is the more modern center. On the left bank (Grossbasel), one can trace the history of Basel in the old town that is ruled by the Monster cathedral where the bones of the reformist Erasmus are buried.

Basel's sights can be easily explored on foot. The highest concentration of sights is around the old marketplace and the cathedral. The hilly surroundings of the city offer some excellent views and walks. Don't miss your chance to stand on the three countries corner (Switzerland, France and Germany). A good day-trip is a visit to Kaiseraugst, just some few kilometers from Basel. Here, you can visit the remnants of the oldest Roman city on the Rhine.

Remarkable Features:

Jean Tinguely Museum, accessible by public transport, near the Roche offices. Great fun for all ages - see and manipulate some of the artist's kinetic sculptures.

Tinguely fountain in the city proper. It'll make one wonder why all fountains don't make such fun use of water pressure.

Fasnacht Festival, once a year - a tradition of costumes, music and fun.

Herbst messe, Autumn fair.

Stadtlauf- celebration, marathon, hosted or opening of the Christmas season.




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