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Visby was the medieval capital of Gotland , and is still its only city. It was an important trading centre as early as Viking times. Trade flourished particularly during the Hanseatic period, up to b1361 when Visby was looted by the Danish king and his men. Visitors with an interest in history delight in exploring Visby´s medieval ruins, including the wall with 44 watch towers that encircles the city. There are excellent air and sea connections linking Stockholm and Visby.

If you are visiting Visby cause of its history, my advice is to go in the first week of august. Then it is The Medieval Week, for a whole week it is a big market inside the walls of the town. Everybody is dressed up in their nicest medieval clothes. And you can buy everything from newly barbequed pigs to diffrent types of skins, dresses swords and handycraft of all kinds. See the black smith work the irion to a knife and the begger straving for food, see the jesters do their tricks and sit down under a three and enyoj the medieval music.


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