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The royal mounds in Gamla Uppsala

The royal mounds in Gamla Uppsala

Fabio Nakayama

Uppsala (pop. ca 130 000, in the municipality ca 180,000) is located 70 km north-northwest of Stockholm and is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. You can feel the winds of history at many places in and around the town, which has a collection of monumental buildings alongside with well detectable traces of a too-quick redevelopment in the 1960s. The archeological site Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala) about five kilometres north of the city is sometimes called "The cradle of the Swedish nation". Uppsala locals are proud of the 500-year-old university with its academic heritage, of Scandinavia's largest cathedral and of the 16th century castle. Even though it is Sweden's 4th biggest city, it has, partially, preserved a small-town character. The student clubs ("Nations") housed in manor-like buildings form a considerable part of the local nightlife. Once a year, on 30 April, the 30,000 students take over the city completely. Together with thousands of visitors they welcome spring on Walpurgis Eve. A Beautiful city.


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