Trollhättan Travel Guide

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Clock by the locks

Clock by the locks


Trollhättan is a city with about 55 000 inhabitants situated along the Göta River 75 km north of Göteborg. The city was earlier most famous for its heavy industry, the locks, and the waterfalls.

In older times Trollhättan was a city where the power of the falls was used as can be seen in the History section.

Today Trollhättan is a modern city where the two most prominent industries are Volvo Aero and Saab Automobile.

Together with its neighbour Vänersborg the area is known as Tvåstad (twin cities).

Saab Automobile is one of Swedens two major car makers whereas Volvo Aero is a maker of aircraft engines and aerospace parts.

On the cultural side Trollhättan has recently become one of the important film making centres in Sweden.
Film i Väst or "Trollywood".
Some more or less well known productions are "Fucking Åmål", "Tillsammans" (Together), "Noll Tolerans" (Zero tolerance), "Livvakterna" (The body guards) etc


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