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From Skuleskogen

From Skuleskogen


Höga Kusten (the High Coast) is a big UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated along the eastern side of middle Sweden, at the Bothnian Sea. What makes this area unique is the so called isostatic land uplift. During the Ice age the land was pressed down under the heavy weight of the ice. After the ice had melted the land started to raise again, something that is still going on, although at a decreasing rate. This is taking place all over Sweden but the maximum extent of the uplift is found at the High Coast. Actually, all land up to 285 m above the present sea level was once under water. What has risen from the sea is a very scenic landscape with a rugged topography. Lush cultural land in the valleys alternate with barren mountains and pine forests. There is little soil on the hills, which is easy to understand when considering that the same hills were once naked skerries in the sea. On some of these hills not even pines can grow, but some of them reach above the line above which the sea never reached. Such hills have a funny-looking “cap” of dense forest on top.

Tourist information and hotels can be found in towns and major villages. There are also Bed & Breakfast, Youth Hostels and camping sites. The area can be seen be car or by foot along prepared trails.

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