Stora sjofallet national park Travel Guide

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Stora Sjofallet is a National Park well above the artic circle. To the south it borders Sarek National Park, and together they constitute one of the last real wilderness areas in the old world. As wild as Alaska, but not as remote as Siberia. The park is mainly used for hiking and fishing. Snowmobiles are allowed only for Samic reindeer herders.

The lokal society "Gällivare Big Mountain Freeriders" use it for backcountryskiing, AT, randone or telemark and areusually quite alone in the park. The best daytrips are the peaks in Nieras and Kallaktjocko. We ski them from Feb  - Aug. During summer we take steep descents due to low avelancedanger. In midsummer you can take 200-800 fall meters of snow depending on your own strength and ambition. If your lucky the first 200-300´s will be in fresh snow. Most of this trips are nice since you start climbing from the road where you leave the car.

If you cross the lake of "Stora Lule vatten" the holy mountain of Akka and its glaciers will give you runs from 1500 falling meters to 800 falling meters. In this case an expidition at least 5-6 days is suggested!

There are also big wall iceclimbing. However, there are icefalls that reach 200-400 falling meter. Quite unique!



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