When to Go in Stockholm

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Stockholm is a wonderful place to visit with temperatures being much milder than other points of interest in the same region. While it can get extremely cold during the winters there is always something to see or do as it warms up nicely for swimming in the summer.


When spring in Stockholm comes around it is a much needed respite from the cold winters. The birch trees and street side cafés are in bloom and tourist and locals alike fill the city parks. Major sporting events get started during this time. Something to look forward to during the spring is the city’s annual spring sale where the stores but their winter inventories on sale for cheap drawing people from all around to shop. The weather is quite pleasant with average highs being around 9 C/49 F and lows dropping down to 1 C/34 F. You may still need a heavier coat in the evenings but a light jacket will suffice during the days.


Stockholm loves the fine arts and really shows its appreciation during the Summer Music Festival. The festival lasts all summer long and is a treat for any music connoisseur to witness. Stockholm also offers a jazz festival in July. It is never completely dark between mid June and mid July. The summer warms up enough for everyone to enjoy the waters and swim. If you are looking for really good food be sure to visit Stockholm during the June and take part in Restaurangernas Day (Restaurant Day). The temperatures across the city warm up ranging from highs around 21 C/70 F to lows around 13 C/55 F.   


As summer draws to an end the Stockholm fall roles in and the leaves start to change colors and life begins to quiet down. This would be the ideal time for an adult only vacation. Fall also marks the time for Stockholm’s annual book sale where many of the titles are offered in English. It cools off considerably during the fall with highs only reaching around 10 C/50 F and lows dipping down to 9 C/48 F.


The winters in Stockholm are decidedly cold but yet not as cold as other places of interest in the same region due partly to the gulf streams. Heavy snowfall can be expected all winter even in the downtown areas. Shortest day of the year is in December where you may only have six hours of sunlight. November marks the beginning of the Christmas season and the Stockholm International Film Festival which is one of the only twenty four hour festivals of its kind in the world. Temperatures tend to stay below freezing with lows around -4 C/24 F and highs not reaching the freezing mark at -1 C/31 F.

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