Things to Do in Stockholm

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Stockholm things to do will delight and amaze all members of the family or group. Bring your sunglasses, warm coats and an adventuresome spirit because your exploration into Stockholm things to do is about to begin.


You simply cannot go to Stockholm and not buy something. The island of Gamla Stan has interesting shops that sell everyday tourist things and mementos and then there are shops that are quite unique. Buy name brand fashions, check out the second hand stores or tour the light store. Shopping has never been more fun than the indoor mall or exclusive boutiques along the streets called the delightful Sturegallerian and the Stureplan. Shop the neighborhood of SoFo and pick up something a little retro and stylish and peruse the vintage clothing shops.

Cruise the Archipelago

Set sail on a journey you will never forget with a cruise to the archipelago. Party on the ship with dancing in the discos and enjoy dining and live entertainment as you cruise the archipelago isles. Families, young couples, singles and party goers all enjoy the activities aboard ship. Or take a ferry for the day and stake a claim to a patch of land to enjoy a day away from the rush. There are establishments on a few of the islands that provide interesting diversions with quaint shops and neat little cafes.


There are many museums in Stockholm that peak every interest. The Vasa Museum is a great delight for the entire family. The museum was built around the Vasa with the ship as a center piece. Guided tours are available and extremely interesting.

The Skansen is an open-air museum that families will love to explore. The park is culturally historical and contains many great exhibits, such as actual workshops, houses, farms and wildlife. The aquarium features the reptiles and primates while the children's zoo features the softest and prickliest of babies in the wild kingdom. Listen to the happy squeals of children as they hold a hedgehog and cuddle a soft furry kitten.


There is never a shortage of festivals in Stockholm. You can find a festival for just about any event in Stockholm and they are grand events. Live music, sports and competitions, art and the culinary are all combined to ensure you have the most excellent time. You can enjoy classic car festivals or spring festivals with maypoles and lots of vibrant colors exploding through the neighborhoods. For children there is Gardet Race which includes box cart racing with music to cheer on the racers and plenty of food. It is a grand time to be had by all.

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