Shopping in Stockholm

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The Stockholm shopping scene is one that you will enjoy, as you will find both contemporary and traditional designs to choose from. Here are some useful tips for where you should go shopping and what you can buy there. It is recommended that you plan your shopping day ahead of time to make sure you get everything in.


Located at 39 Götgatan in Stockholm, Hattbaren is a huge business that deals in fashion accessories. It is  famous for all type of hats, caps, and many different decorative fashion accessories. Here you will find different types of imported fashion accessories produced by highly skilled craftsmen. You can get many things here, from hand-made Panama hats to French berets; from bowler hats to famous UK party hats. All the most popular brands are available in this shop.

Old Town

While in Stockholm, you might be interested in shopping in the Old Town. This place has a variety of shops that deal in designer clothes, fashion accessories, antiques and even books. You will be able to spend a whole day at this place buying things. Eva, Gamla Stan, In Spe and Rilton Gallery are some of the places where you will be able to get some high quality designer clothes. Rilton Gallery specifically deals with antiques. These places do not deal with cheap items, but expensive ones.


This is a toy shop located in Kungsholmen, adn it is one of the most popular toy shops in the area. You will be able to find a variety of toys at this place. Though located in the small town of Kungsholmen, this store has a surprisingly large clientele. This store is highly popular among the locals and many others in Stockholm.

Franks Ur

Located in Norrmalm, Stockholm, Franks Ur, is one of the most popular places that sell watches. You can seize the opportunity to pick up one or two fine quality watches from this shop. Some of the popular brands on display are Glashütte, Blancpain and Bretling. Watches make excellent gifts, so you might want to take the opportunity to pick up a watch for your loved one.


Located in Hornsgatan, Pandorabutiken is famous for Danish jewelry. Here you will find genuine jewelry both for men and women. The designs of this shop are recognized by consumers from all over the world. The craftsmen design the jewelry in an excellent manner. Though many may find the price a bit on the expensive side, this place provides high quality products.

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