Nightlife and Entertainment in Stockholm

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Stockholm nightlife is an experience you will never forget. Make sure to bring your coat, hat, gloves and a sense of extreme adventure and be sure to get plenty of rest. It is important that you carry your passport and Identification with you, as you will more than likely be asked to show proof of age. You can begin your night tours of clubs and festivals with a visit to the

Absolute Icebar

Forty minutes in this palace of ice and intrigue will get you ready for the rest of Stockholm. Your experience in this exotic cave like castle will begin with a tour of the Icebar and all the various themes throughout. Don't take your coat off and wear your snow pants because everything in this amazing place is made of ice. From the glasses the drinks are served in to the seating and tables, the sculptures and the aquariums, as the name says, absolutely everything is made of ice. It is extraordinary 


Enjoy gaming and a variety of restaurants and bars on all four floors. You can try your hand at a number of the table games from Roulette to Black Jack and gaming machines. You have your choice of three bars and two restaurants for dining. Enjoy ladies night or a brunch, Las Vegas style.  Enjoy jazz and a whirlwind of specials and card games. Play and dine in elegance and feel like part of the elite in this fine establishment. But remember to use common sense and gamble wisely.


Partying isn't just for the landlubbers in Stockholm. Jump on board the Patricia and party on board with friends and new friends. The Patricia was used in Normandy for escorting the British Royal Family. To further make this attraction that much more interesting, Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II have stood upon the Patricia's decks. So, party at one of the five indoor bars or carry the party outside to one of the two bars on deck. It is sure to be a maritime adventure you won't soon forget.


A festival can be found any month of the year in Stockholm. So, if you are tired of the same old nightclub scene, then hit the streets with the locals and celebrate car festivals, music festivals, festivals of all shapes, sizes and categories you can imagine. It is a sizzling time. Sample culinary delights with foods from abroad and locally. Drink beer, dance to live music in the streets and enjoy the Stockholm festivities throughout the night.

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