Getting Around in Stockholm

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Getting around Stockholm is undemanding, since Stockholm transportation facilities combine ease-of-access and overall affordability. Visitors in Stockholm can use either of the following:

Local Bus Service

Buses are more rampant in areas where the local subways aren’t fully developed. Usually, buses run along the longer routes, including those to the nearby towns. Buses run according to schedules and the ticket prices include costs for boarding a connecting bus.

Car Rentals

Driving in the city is rather easy. The directions are displayed in many languages. There are many public and private parking garages in Stockholm. Most of the car rental firms are found in the main city-center area. However, car rentals can be very expensive in Stockholm.


Taxis are perhaps the most expensive way of getting around Stockholm. While some taxis can be booked through tele-booking only, those with a shiny dome atop the roof can be boarded in the conventional manner.

Bicycle Rentals

Bicycling in the main part of the city can be a bit tedious. The commercialized locales don’t have dedicated biking lanes. However, for exploring the outskirts of the city and visiting towns like Djurgarden, cycling is perhaps the best option. Visitors can rent a bike for a day for minimal fares. Many hotel operators also arrange for packaged bike-rentals.


Using the ferry is recommended for people keen on visiting the nearby islands and towns. The city has a smart water-transit system. Places like Skeppsbron, near Sodermalm, run ferries on a daily basis. The service too is appreciable, with the next ferry arriving every 20 minutes.

Subway or T-Bana

Most public transportation facilities can be accessed via the subways. All subway entrances in Stockholm are marked with a ‘T’. For tickets, visitors should prefer to buy the common travel card, called the Stockholmskortet.

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