Festivals in Stockholm

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Being Sweden's capital, the city of Stockholm witnesses many vibrant celebrations, held as a part of Stockholm festivals. Most of the festivities are held at major public venues like the Circus Arena. Similarly, festivities wherein large, public participation is expected are arranged at venues like the Olympia Stadium. Some of the most reputed Stockholm festivals are:

Annual Food Festival

This festival is among Stockholm's most sought-after annual, cultural events. Visitors should attend the numerous free-entry events that are hosted as a part of the celebrations. The festival lasts for six days. The emphasis is upon showcasing the best of traditional and contemporary Swedish cuisine. Held usually during the first week of June, the last few editions of the festival have been hosted at the Kungstradgarden Park. The festival also emphasizes live music events and fusion cooking that includes numerous rounds of free sampling!


This festival is also called the Walpurgis Night. Celebrated during the last weeks of late April, it is a way of welcoming the arrival of the spring season. Celebrations are more pronounced among the slightly-rural places and islands distant from the commercial centers. This festival has become a favorite within the student community. Festivities include arranging bonfire nights and singing Swedish folk songs.

Midsummer's Eve Festival

This is a traditional festival, celebrated in the latter half of June. The emphasis is on decorating the houses in the customary, Scandinavian fashion. Typical festivities include maypole-dancing and wearing Scandinavian costumes.

Mayo Boule Festival

The Boule, or the Boule Petanque Festival, is celebrated throughout the early weeks of June. This is an international festival and attracts crowds from neighboring, European nations. Globally, this festival is called the Mayonnaise Open or the Mayonnaise Festival. It is another culinary festival wherein mayonnaise-based preparations are the main theme.

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