Eating Out in Stockholm

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Stockholm restaurants have a variety of dishes to offer to customers, providing a taste of the local food. The restaurants in Stockholm provide not only its regional dishes, but also delicious cuisines from all over the world.

Edsbacka Krog

Edsbacka Krog is one of the most expensive restaurants in Stockholm. Its menu price is approximately over Skr1200. In 1983, this restaurant started to function under the control of Christer Lingström. The restaurant has always had a fresh menu with dishes that gives a distinctive taste. It serves excellent continental food with a touch of Swedish blend. Edsbacka Krog is located up in Sollentuna to the city north, which is 30-minute ride by taxi.


Operakällaren is a restaurant in Stockholm that offers high-priced food. One of the most elegant dining rooms in Sweden is the dining room at Operakällaren. It is decorated with a classic 19th-century décor and a carved oak wall panel. It has a wide and stylish atmosphere that will increase your appetite. This restaurant serves French cuisine with a combination of Italian and Swedish ingredients. Not only does it have delectable dishes to offer, the wine is also excellent.

Indian Curry House

Indian Curry House is a Stockholm restaurant that offers low-priced dishes. The food ranges up to Skr400, and it is one of the cheaper Indian restaurants in Stockholm. It is a small Indian restaurant that serves the tastiest Indian staple food like samosa and different types of curries.

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