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Archipelago near Stockholm

Archipelago near Stockholm

Joseph Hollick

Due to the location in the water, there are a number of day-trips to chose from.

The archipelago is vast, and easy to access with Waxholmsbolaget.

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Mariefred & Gripsholms slott

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In the summertime a steamboat leaves from Stockholm to Mariefred in the morning and heads back in the afternoon ( You can go one way with the steamboat, and the other with an old locomotive with 600 mm narrow gauge that runs between Mariefred and Läggesta ( Trains run frequently between Stockholm and Läggesta, and the trip takes less than an hour with SJ (

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A nice trip to see the wonderful waterways and archipelago is to take one of the Ferry's in front of the Grand Hotel to Vaxholm.  Tickets are sold right there either in the concession booth in front of the Ferry or on the Ferry itself.  The town of Vaxholm is about a 30 minute ride and the Ferry stops along the way to pick people up and drop them off (hence the word Ferry).. You can grab a nice drink or a beer and sit on top and watch the different places and you will notice the drastic difference between the aristocratic mansions as you are leaving Stockholm more..

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A nice little island just a 40 minutes boat trip from the mainland (Årsta Brygga).

Excellent bathing possibilities, with both beach and cliffs. Good selection of restaurants, such as Utö Värdshus, Båtshaket and others.

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