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Österlen - southeast of Sweden - Ystad Simrishamn Tomelilla Kivik
There are no geographic boundaries for the area known as Österlen, but many people believe that the region stretches south easterly along route 19 between Brösarp in the north down to Ystad in the south. But it is You, special guest, who decides what Österlen and Ystad is to You - geographically and most importantly what our destination has to offer.

The mild climate and fruitful soil of have allowed the farming industry to settle as the most important industy in the region. Other keyindustries are fishing and tourism. The tourist season gets off to a quiet start with the antique show in Brösarp early spring. The official season starts with a bang during "Konstrundan Österlen". It´s an art weektour arrange during easter. It brings people from near and far to visit artists, designers and crafters in their studios. The region offers plenty of activities. There are five golf courses of varying difficulty (Tomelilla, Stiby, Ystad and two in Vik). Horseback riding tours are arranged through beechtree forests, over waterways or along the beaches. Trolling and ocean trout fishing attract enthusiasts from far away to the coasts of Österlen. Gardening, health/SPA, bicycling and nature experiences are other popular activities.

The destination has a low pulse profile which is suitable for vacation. However many companies also choose to hold their meetings and conferences here in southeast of Sweden. To “rent a cottage in Österlen” has become a concept of its own. Several camp sites with fantastic locations also make the campers a large group of visitors. If you would rather go to bed in a castel, hotel, B&B or hostel there are many beds to choose from.

Fairs and harvest festivals are celebrated according to tradition and at these good food and drink have become one of our destination trade marks. Here you will find locally produced meat, dairy and vegetables that together with the region’s food traditions will satisfy the hungriest tummies. One day a picnic on the beach and the next a seven course dinner at a gourmet restaurant. Enjoy your meal!

While touring Österlen you should not miss out on the beaches. These wonderful sand beaches run approximately 50 kilometers from Haväng in the north down to Ystad in the south. There it sits, waiting for us “barefooters”.

Notwithstanding the benefits of the world wide web, when it comes to meetings and conferences you probably would like to talk one-to-one. Get answers regarding capacity of the location, if the hotel has pc-canon, get tips about team building activities or simply receive personal guidance.
We live and work in Österlen, have many years experience arranging meetings and helping clients find their way through the many available conference possibilities. You request and confer - we navigate and arrange. Of course you get the same price using our services as you would if you made the arrangements yourself. We do not charge a booking fee. To the left is a selection of different conference alternatives. If you do not find a product that suits your needs, please tell us and we will be happy to tailor make an event that does whether it be management meetings, golf camps, birthday parties, kick-offs, day conferences, field trips, weddings, or other special events.

The closest airports are Kristianstad airport outside of Everöd and Malmö Airport in Sturup. Skyways operates out of Kristianstad and SAS and Malmö Aviation among other carriers service Malmö Airport. Skånetrafiken can transport you to Österlen with bus or train service. With SJ you travel by train to the cities Hässleholm, Lund, and Malmö and further on to Österlen via Skånetrafiken or rental car. During the summer months travelers enjoy ferryboat service from Simrishamn and Ystad to the island of Bornholm. There is also ferry service from Ystad to Poland. Travelers can easily drive to Denmark and continental Europe via the Öresunds bridge. When visiting Österlen it is an advantage to travel by car.

In Sweden every person has the right to be in nature. We call it Allemansrätten. It is a big freedom that requires accountability and safety in our nature. Every person has the right to travel over and enjoy another persons land and temporarily be there. It is forbidden to harm animal life or nature while excercising these priviligies. It is also important to be respectful of the property owner and other people who are also out in the nature. Every man's right can be summed up with the following words: Do not bother other people- do not bother the nature.

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Visit Osterlen is the official marketing company that develops tourism and conference business in the Österlen area. We offer tourist information and guide you to the proper hotel, cottage, food and drink, activities and vacation packages. We also help you arrange conferences here in the south east area of Sweden. You have the requests - we fulfill them.

Visit Ales Stones, Kivik, Christinehof Ecopark, Wallander, Sandhammaren beach, Glimmingehus, Ystad, Brösarp hills, Hasse- o Tagemuseum, Art week and Tosselilla Summerland. Visit Österlen - a visit to the destination of light!

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