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Finishing line of the Wasa ski race

Finishing line of the Wasa ski race


Siljan itself is a lake but it has given its name to the central parts of the province Dalarna in central Sweden, perhaps the most classical of all Swedish tourist areas. The lake is part of a giant crater caused by a meteorite, 360 mill. years ago. The beautiful landscape has kept much of the traditional Swedish features and the traditions of the inhabitants have survived here more than in most other parts of the country. Rural houses are to a very large extent kept in the traditional style, built of logs and, if at all painted, always with red colour from the copper mine in Falun. Many wooden houses are several hundred years old, in many cases with traditional wall paintings indoors.

The Wasa ski race, called Vassaloppet, has become world famous. The main race  ends at the village Mora at Siljan where 15-20 thousand ski runners end up after the about 90 km long race each year on the first Sunday in March. but there are skiïng activities and races in the week before Vassaloppet. Works of the well-known artist Anders Zorn can be seen in the Zorn Museum nearby.

The painted horses carved of wood have become a famous tourist souvenir, mainly made at Nusnäs. Another tradition is kept at the village Våmhus where decorations of various kinds are made from human hair. Many other kinds of handicraft can also be seen for sale in many villages.

There are beautiful panoramas over the lake at many places, and further away from it there are vast forest areas with elks and bears, maybe even some wolfs. One such area, which has been developed for tourists, is at Grönklitt, some 15 km beyond Orsa.

Particularly in summer, there are music concerts at many places, in churches and in other suitable locations, but also at Dalhalla (near Rättvik), an old lime quarry, now turned into an opera scene with fantastic acoustics.

And don’t forget the “Classic Car Week” every summer at Rättvik. Tourist bureaus are found in all major villages.


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