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Accommodation in Kungälv

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The hostel

The hostel


In Kungälv you can choose to live at a hotel, hostel, camp with your tent or caravan or rent a small cottage

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Kungälvs Vandrarhem och Camping

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photo by: morsan

This is not only a hostel but also a camping where you cant put up your tent, caravan or even rent a small cottage. It is situated just close to the fortress.

In the restaurant the staff are wearing midievil clothes. It's a very nice place. Home baked pastry.

type:Youth Hostels
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+46 303 189 00
address:Färjevägen 2, SE-44231 KUNGÄLV

Hotell Fars Hatt Kungälv

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Fars Hatt
Fars Hatt
photo by: morsan

In the middle of Kungälv, close to the sea and 15 minutes north of Gothenburg lies the Hotel Fars Hatt (Father’s Hat). The hotel, whose history goes back to 1684, has become a natural meeting place for the residents of Kungälv, tourists and business travellers. Free parking place.

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
tel:+46 303 10970
address:Torget 2, SE-44231 Kungälv

Nordiska Folkhogskolan B&B

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Bed & Breakfast in Kungälv The location in the heart of historic Kungälv is within walking distance to the local shopping area as well as the major tourist attractions in the town, such as the fort from the Middle Ages and the unique, well preserved old town of Kungälv. The beautiful island Marstrand is easily reached from Kungälv by car or public transport. This is a must for those who wish to experience one of the highlights of the West Coast not to mention for sailing enthusiasts! Göteborg is easily reached either by car or by bus – the Grön Express bus departs more..

type:Sleep Cheap
World66 rating:[rate it]
tel:+46 303 20 62 00
address:Nordiska folkhögskolan Olof Palmes väg 1 442 31 Kungälv, Sverige