Karlskrona Travel Guide

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Karlskrona, an historic navy base at the souteastern tip of Sweden, is well worth a visit. Founded in the 17th century, it is still full of memories of yore; its grid-like street plan, historic buildings and beautiful setting among ice-blue inlets of the Baltic are charming indeed. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Add to that the generally good weather - except in October-December, when it can be gloomy indeed - reasons enough to swerve off the E20, the main road between Malmö and Stockholm along the Baltic Coast.

An incredibly provincial town 20 years ago, Karlskrona is opening up like an oyster smelling a wedge of lemon. There are numerous pubs, cafés, and restaurants, where once there was only the Stadshotellet and its attendant restaurant - potato mash! potato mash! - two decades ago.  Don't forget to visit the municipal bath house opposite the railway station!

The islands off the coast, until recently forbidden to foreigners, are a treat. Free ferries to them run frequently.


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