Hjo Travel Guide

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The "wooden town", as it is sometimes called, is certainly one of the finest environments ever created in Sweden. Today only a few still exist and Hjo is one of them.

Hjo, also spelled as Hyo or Hioo throughout history, was founded in the 14th century. The town's numerous historical and cultural wooden houses and narrow alleys give the town its special character today.

Fortunately, Hjo was never subjected to any major fires or other destruction. However, its medieval church burnt down in 1794, together with a number of surrounding buildings. Apart from that, the town has been spared from extensive fires and most of the medieval streets and blocks are largely intact. In fact, the oldest maps from 1696 look very similar to the modern ones. 

Visiting Hjo, and walking in its narrow alleyways, is like taking a trip back in time, and yet, the town offers everything a European citizen expects from a modern community.

Hjo expanded rather quickly during the latter half of the 19th century, which has given the town its special character. 
The harbour, railway and the spa are typical examples from that time. 

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