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Vala Centrum

Vala Centrum

Rinchen Tsering

Helsingborg is known as the Pearl of the Sound, a town striving to be continental and something else than the rest of Sweden.

Partially thanks to the town’s great benefactor, Henry Dunker, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in cultural activities. A theater, an internationally acclaimed Symphonhy Orchestera and a brand new cultural centre.

Located by the sea the town strecthes out along the coast and has historically been the gateway to Denmark and the rest of Europe since it is only 4 km of water between Helsingborg and its Danish sister city Helsingør. Today with strong competition from the bridge in Malmö three different boat companies together have a departure every ten minutes or so to Denmark.

Helsingborg is known for the Kärnan Tower, the remainder of a medieval fortress. It is also known for the Sofiero Castle, with its rhododendron gardens, and the Fredriksdal outdoor museum. During the summer there are daily boat connections from the Råå part of Helsingborg to the little and culturally rich island of Ven.


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