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Magnus Bleckert

Magnus Bleckert

Magnus Bleckert

Gotland is a Swedish island and province in the middle of the Baltic sea . It is built up of sedimentary, calcareous rocks and therefore has a rich flora, including many species of orchids. In ancient times it had a central position on important sea routes and it was an important economic centre during the Viking and Hanseatic times. On the other hand it had an isolated position in relation to political centres and therefore had a semi-autonomous political position during medieval times. There are many big churches with impressing sculptures and paintings from early medieval times, but decline started when the Danish king conquered Gotland and looted Visby in 1361.

The calcareous bedrock has created caves and other spectacular formations. Many hand-mown meadows, remnants from the old cultural landscape, are preserved with a rich and colourful flora. The spectacular landscape on Fårö, an island separated from the main island to the north, can be admired in some of Ingmar Bergman’s films. Bergman spent his later years on this island. Gotska Sandön is found about 40 km north of Gotland . Old farmhouses built from stone can still be seen, completely different from houses in other parts of Sweden .


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