History in Gothenburg

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The predecessor of Göteborg was the town Lödöse, some 40 kilometers north of the present city. Several attemps to found a city at the mouth of Göta Älv have been made.

The present city was founded in 1621 by the king Gustav II Adolf. It was initially a strategical outpost due to the exposed area in between rivalling country Denmark-Norway. 

 The architectural structure was made by contracted Dutch city planners hired by the Swedish king, and the blueprint for the canals of Göteborg are actually the same as those used for Jakarta. Until the 19th century the city was a fortress due to its city walls.

In 1658 the Danish and Norwegian provinces of Halland and Bohuslän became Swedish, and with a less exposed position, Göteborg was able to grow into an important port and trade centre on the west coast.

In 1731 the Swedish East India Company was founded, and the city flourished due to its foreign trade, organizing highly profitable commercial expeditions to Asian countries.

In the 20th century Göteborg also became an important industrial city with sevaral shipyards and mechanical works. The companies SKF and Volvo have thier roots in the city.

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