Soria Travel Guide

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The province of Soria is a plateau in North Central Spain, lying on the most easterly limits of the autonomous region of Castilla y Leon.   Soria has over 10,000 sq km (3861 miles) of beautiful landscapes and diverse geography, which act as a backdrop to the large concentration of medieval castles, Romanesque churches and timeless villages. All of which lie in close proximity to each other.  

The province sits at an average height of 1000 meters (3280 feet) above sea level.

Soria is known for its pure clean air, due to its expanse of forests, nature parks, grazing lands and lack of heavy industry. And is an excellent base for walking and hiking holidays.  

The province of Soria   has a population of approx 93,000, of which 40% live in its capital, also called Soria. The rural exodus of the 1960’s resulted in a loss in the subsequent years of around 42% of the population.   Currently Soria has 8.8 inhabitants per sq km compared with an average in Spain of 87.2 and 116 in Europe . This makes Soria one of the least populated areas of Europe and the perfect place to unwind.  

With its abundance of charm and tranquillity, Soria beckons you to explore its nature, medieval castles, forests, history and gastronomy.


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