Asturias Travel Guide

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More eastward you run into a more mountainious landscape with a romantically beautiful coastline that carries the name Asturias. This region has a lot in common with Wales. A real attraction is Oviedo , the capital of this region where you can see two of Europe's most exquisite pre-Romanesque churches, but there is no beaches in Oviedo, so you can find it at Gijón, the real capital of Asturias because it is the most cosmopolitan, cultural and popular city, and its two magnificent beaches makes the better choice.

Asturias is only 100 km wide, between the coast and the Cantabric Mountain, so you can find the best meat from calfs and the most varied types of fishes.

About gastronomy, you can find lots of typical sidrerías, where the sidra (apple-wine) is the most important drink.

If you like cheese, there are about 300 types of in the region. The more important is the Cabrales one, it looks like a blue cheese, but with a strong smell and taste.

Continuing our journey through the nothern parts of Spain, we will have our next stop at Cantabria, the more rural part of Spain. This region is especially famous for its extraorinary Picos de Europe (mountains)and it claims to have the highest density of cows. Santander, the capital and only large city, is a major summer resort.

Next to Cantabria you'll find the famous Basque country or Euskadi in the Basque language. When it isn't raining, Euskadi is one of the most charming parts of Spain with a very various landscape. San sebastian was the place where the wealthy Spaniards spent their summer bathing long before there were any costas. Furthermore you find Bilbao which as a city of interest in this Basque region.

La Rioja is a Spanish region that you'll find right under the Basque land. Famous because of its wonderful wine, this region's principal town is Logroño.

In the north of the region called Castilla León you'll find the city of  Burgos, which is a genteel and quite pleasant town.

Our 'Northern journey' ends in the region where you can see some of the more western Pyrenees: Navarra. In the region Navarra Pamplona (the capital) is a very recommendable city.

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