Murcia Travel Guide

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Catedral de Murcia - Domingo de Resurrección - Semana Santa - Abril 2003

Jesus Fernandez Espinosa -

The city of Murcia has a population of 320,000. It is set in the heart of a rich fertile plain at 43 metres above sea level. Unlike the rest of the region, where the terrain is dry and rugged, the soil here is irrigated by the River Segura and the land has been widely and fruitfully cultivated.

In the city itself the old quarter is made up of a maze of narrow streets huddled together around the Cathedral. This labyrinth is only broken by some main roads crossing through it such as the Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo. The most pleasant parts of the city, indeed the most typically Murcian, are to be found around the gardens on the banks of the River Segura. A considerable part of the population of Murcia do not in fact live in the city itself, rather they live in houses and farmsteads scattered around it. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are grown not only for the Spanish domestic market but also for export to the rest of Europe. For this reason Murcia is often referred to as La Huerta de Europa: The Market Garden of Europe.

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