La Coruna Travel Guide

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Typical Houses in the Old City


La Corua is located in the North West of Spain, close to the border with Portugal.

Land of seamen and countrymen, La Corua has known how to become a city of the future, a nice place to live and a great destination to spend the holidays. No other city in the northwest of Spain has such a mix of relax and high standard cultural activities.

The old center is definitely worth a visit. It contains most of the historical monuments built before the 19th century. Even more important probably are the buildings dating from the Modernist period. La Corua blosomed during the progressive wave at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries. Picasso lived in La Corua during that time and there are many reminders of the great painter.

Near the city, the Rias Altas, the Costa da Morte (Death Coast), the shires of As Marias, Os Bergantios, and a little bit further away, the rest of Galicia, make the city of La Corua an ideal base for hiking in a beautiful natural area.


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