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people @ the square

people @ the square

Catrinus en Anja

Salamanca is located by the Tormes river and is one of the most spectacular Renaissance cities in Europe. It is well-known for its very old university (founded in 1218)and probably the most popular place to learn the Spanish language. This university is still what gives ambiance to the town. You can see hundreds of students passing through the streets and enjoying numerous and beautifully decorated bars until late at night.

In the city, golden sandstone has lent itself to every major architectural style from Romanesque to baroque, even the modern quarters are largely built from it. The city has been declared "City of Mankind's Heritage" by UNESCO.

The city is large enough (180.000 inhabitants) to be able to offer the advantages of a real city, but at the same time it keeps the intimacy of a village. It is very easy to meet people - just got to the Plaza Mayor, one of the finest squares in Spain and meeting point for the Spaniards and foreigners alike.


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