Platja d'Aro Travel Guide

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Platja D´Aro Beach

Platja D´Aro Beach

Wesley "AnonymouS" Elfring

This Platja d'Aro travel guide details why this spot is one of the most popular resort locations in Spain. There are two parts to the city; an ancient village called Castell d’Aro and the resort area of Platja d’Aro. Originally Plato d’Aro was a fishing village but because of its proximity to the beach many tourists found it a lovely spot.

Enjoy the Food

The food is spectacular as there are many gastronomy wonders to taste in the many restaurants. Food here is something for all senses including sensations, aromas and textures. Enjoy some of the authentic Emporda cuisine or enjoy offerings from other cuisines including Chinese, Mexican, Argentine, Dutch, Italian and French. A few recommended restaurants include Big Rock, Aradi, Baviera Marisqueria, Barbieri Platja, Can Basso and El Refugi de Can Toni to name a few.

Activities for Day and Night

You can find something to do at any time of the day. During the mornings enjoy breakfast or a coffee at a bar or cafe and go to the Cineplex, aquatic park or children’s playgrounds. In the evenings you can enjoy the many modern night clubs, bar, pubs and discotheques. Most of these are famous and the place to be for the young and fashionable. There are clubs and bars for all music tastes and you can enjoy the atmosphere until the early hours of the morning.

A few highlights to visit include the Benedormiens Castles, Pla de Palol, a Roman settlement, the Doll Museum, the jazz festivals in the summer, Church of Fanals d’Amunt and the Merce Rodoreda Library. There are several free guided tours available for which you do not need a reservation. These tours make it possible to uncover the ancient Roman culture of the area or to completely explore the medieval section of town at the Castell d’Aro.

Find a Beach

The coast line offers endless beaches and coves to enjoy. The main beach is quite large and situated in an urban setting. For those wanting a small beach away from the city you can enjoy Cala dels Canyers. There are seven beaches in all and each has its own attractions. If you want some peace and quiet then Cala dels Canyers and Cala del Pi are recommended. For those wanting a small stretch of sand, the Cala Rovira is the best choice.

The Outdoors

You are located right at the end of the Gavarre’s Ranges that offers a beautiful natural area to explore. Hiking is quite popular and there are many hiking trails for those wanting to take their time and those that hike as a sport. Two popular hikes include Riera de Molins and Sant Marc, and Torrent de Malany.

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