Top 5 Must Do's in Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain is always an exciting and pleasurable city to visit any time of year. As some attractions are better than others, here are five things that shouldn't be missed:


This incredible, yet unfinished, cathedral was the final project of Antoni Gaudi, who died in 1926.  Its tall spires and expanded form contrast defiantly against the sky, an interpretation of the holy mountain Montserrat. All the stone is run through with detailed, dreamlike sculptures. This spectacular work of art is definitely worth a look for art-lovers and creative people alike. Since the death of Gaudi, there has been much controversay as to whether or not the cathedral should be finished, or left as it was in memory of Gaudi. The new head architect, Jordi Bonet, decided to continue the construction as he believes more in its religious significance rather than the artistic importance and authenticity.


Filled with spotless golden sand, this very popular beach is the closest beach to the Olympic Marina. Mango and Chiringuito de Moncho, its two restaurants, will make your mouth water, as will its three beach bars. If you like the crowded, active beach scene, this is the place for you.


This UNESCO World Heritage site is the most famous park in the city, with the most controversial reception. Some call it incredibly surrealistic and beautiful, while others declare it absolutely nightmarish. The park was originally a private estate in which Antoni Gaudi let his imagination loose. Adults and children of all ages will enjoy this site. Visit it and form your own opinion.


While not the "best" Picasso museum, this museum has a rich collection of Pablo Picasso's early sketches as well as some beautiful pieces from his blue and rose periods. It also includes some of his famous cubist variations of Velazquez's Ladies in Waiting. Taking small children is not recommended. The price is 4.50 Euros per person, but is free on the first Sunday of every month.


Looking for a luxurious night out with the one you love? Don't miss the upscale restaurant Casa Leopold. Despite it being located in a rather shady part of town (go in a taxi), this family-owned restaurant has some excellent, fresh seafood. It is colorful, decorated with artsy ceramic tile, and usually filled with loyal, local customers. It's pricey at 25-50 Euros per meal, but the quality, in both the service and the food, more than matches the price.

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