Senior Travel in Barcelona

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Senior travelers take note! To make beautiful Barcelona a memorable page in your book of travels, adopt the laidback local lifestyle. Take in the city the way you should-- eat tapas or “little bites,” an infinite variety of snacks that are a unique feature of Spanish cuisine. Choose only the very best, don’t rush and take the time to observe and enjoy the interesting people and rich atmosphere of Barcelona.

Prepare to Meet Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of generally sunny days but the best time to visit would be from the refreshing months of May to July. It is best to take simple light clothing—jeans, shorts, T-shirts—and comfortable shoes which are usually the most appropriate gear, except for churches and formal occasions.

Eating in Barcelona

Early to bed and early to rise is not for the people and tourists of Barcelona. It is best to start your day off at 9 a.m. with a light breakfast before going sightseeing.  Lunch is eaten quite late and lasts about 2 hours. By 3 p.m., most people have settled down to rest--and so should you, since you will probably need it and most places will be closed anyway.  By 5 p.m. you can begin thinking about night life if you have the energy because night life in Barcelona offers chic restaurants and cafes, bars and clubs. People spill out to the open streets and squares to roam, drink and make music—from classic flamenco to blues and jazz.

Parks, Museums and Beaches  

Barcelona is not 1 city, but a metropolis of many cities. It is a city of parks, with almost 200 square feet for each resident, the largest being the 203-hectare Montjuic. It is a city of 7 beaches, totaling almost 3 miles of coastline and museums that contain Romanesque, Catalan and Spanish art, including paintings by great Spanish masters Miro and Picasso. Some museums allow free entrance every first Saturday or Sunday of the month.

Old Town

At Barcelona’s core is the old town, the medieval Barri Gotic, where you can find museums and the Cathedral along picturesque streets that even senior tourists will find easy to explore on foot. In Barri Gotic, the greatest attraction and tourist destination is Las Ramblas, only half a kilometer of real estate where you can find, among other famous sites, the world class Liceu Opera House that dates back to 1847, the Font de Canaletes which is to Barcelona what the Fountain of Trevi is to Rome, and La Boqueria or the city’s finest and largest street market. 

If you want come to Spain, but Spain with a definite difference, try Barcelona--the capital of Catalonia.

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