Festivals in Barcelona

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Correfoc (Fire Run)

Correfoc (Fire Run)


Below is a listing of Festivals in Barcelona city and Catalonia region.

For Barcelona city, festivals can be added below on this page; please use the [Add Festival] button below.

For details and addition of Festivals in the Catalonia region, please go to the Catalonia Festivals section. Below is a lead in only.

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Festivals in Catalonia region

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Correfoc (Fire Run)
Correfoc (Fire Run)
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Catalonia region festivals offer spectacular demonstrations of traditional folklore, i.e:

"Dances" - Dancing
Town squares burst into life with displays of vibrant Catalan dancing: the Ball dels Gegants (the Dance of the Giants) with twelve foot models, the Ball de Gitanes (Gypsy Dance), the Sardanes and Ball de Bastons (Stick Dance).
"Castellers" - Human Castles
Originating from the region of Tarragona, south of Barcelona, is the famous Human Castle tradition. Hundreds of people balance on each other’s more..

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La Mercè

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La Mercé is the main festival celebrated in Barcelona for the 24th September. La Mercé is the Patron Saint of Barcelona and the streets of the city centre are converted into a giant fanfare of festival fun. For a whole week, from the weekend before the 24th until the following weekend, Barcelona's streets become the central point of chaotic madness. Live music stages are located strategically round the city and folkloric Catalan festival events are held in the old town and in Sant Jaume. Look out for the massive Correfoc (Devil Fire Run) that starts at Mercat Caterina and heads more..

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date:24th Sep

la buttcheeks-o

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This festiva is sponsored in Barcelona, and is a very spiritual gathering. It will be held in Barcelona City for the duration of 6 days, starting 9-30-07.

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