Beaches in Torre del Mar

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When one thinks of the lovely and scenic coastal Spanish town, two things come into mind: Torre del Mar and beaches. Torre del Mar, or "Towers of the Sea," in Spanish, is a town at the southern coast of Spain in the Malaga province. It's home to around 20,000 people throughout the year, but the lovely weather and gorgeous beaches in this area draw upwards of 150,000 tourists at a time throughout the summer months (May through September). If you're interested in getting away and visiting one of the most scenic spots on the Mediterranean, Torre del Mar may be the place for you.

Sea Front

The main beach in Torre del Mar is the sea front that stretches through the length of the city. This beach is unique for several reasons. First, it's quite a bit deeper in length than many other Spanish beaches, reaching several hundred feet at some areas. This means that many people can suntan and relax on the beach at once, and that there's plenty of room for beach activities like volleyball, sunbathing, biking and more. Additionally, the beach is over two kilometers (1.5 miles) long, making it the longest continuous stretch of beach in all of the Mediterranean European countries.

La Caleta de Velez

La Caleta de Velez is not a beach front area, per se, but it does offer a variety of water sports and other beach activities for travelers to Torre del Mar. If you've grown tired of the small and quaint village of Torre, head east by about two kilometers until you reach the fishing port of La Caleta. This area has a marina, with plenty of boats for rent. Either hire a seasoned sailor or pilot to take you out onto the water or rent your own boat and go explore the coastal seas.

Paseo Maritimo

The Paseo is not a beach, but it's the paved boardwalk just off of the sea front in Torre del Mar. This area is home to a huge selection of excellent seafood restaurants, bars, clubs, street vendors and more. After a long day of relaxing and exploring the beach, head back up to the Paseo for some delicious food.

Beaches require a nominal fee to use in Torre del Mar, and the various activities that you can find at the beach will often be accompanied by a small fee, as well.

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