Beaches in Tarifa

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Tarifa is basically one big beach, but there's more to that than meets the eye. There is a nice beach right next to the city, but there is a long beach reserved for water sports abou 10km or so from the city northwards. You are able to spot a huge sand dune from the city - head towards that! There you will find lots of kiting shops and windsurfing shops that'll keep you busy for a day or two. The beach next to the city is reserved for sunbathing, so no sporting allowed.

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Tarifa Beaches, long stretches of white, sandy beaches are part of what makes Tarifa the perfect summer destination. Of course, all of this depends on the amount of wind that's stirring things up. While there are days that lying on the beach is nearly impossible unless your goal is to exfoliate, the good news is that there's something to do in almost every meteorological situation.

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