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Windsurfing in Tarifa

Windsurfing in Tarifa


Tarifa, surrounded by Moorish walls, has become one of the most popular wind-surfing resorts in Spain. If wind-surfing is your motive for coming, you are in for a treat. There are rental shops for wind-surfing equipment along the main street of the town, for those that don’t bring their own. However, if wind-surfing is not what you are looking for, there is plenty to explore in the town itself. The crumbling walls, Baroque church and the castle are all worth a visit. The view across the strait, into Morocco, is reason enough to spend at least to spend an afternoon in this town.

If you find Morocco tempting you, the F.R.S Company office sells boat tickets to Tangier. bring a Valid Passport! Note that your Passport must be valid until at least the day you leave Morocco!

The crossing is more expensive than from Algeciras, but less stressful. the FRS fast boat Company is available on line, requested tickets ahead for a day Tour to Tangier. here are Some Tour Companies(book ahead)for day trippers that run Private Guided Visits In Tangier Morocco:  tarifatravel@gmail.com OR kathytours@gmail.com

Concerning Clothes: W ear Something that's Comfortable. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy, But Can wear whatever you want in Morocco. There are no laws regulating the nation's dress code. Bear in mind, however, that Moroccans consider showing skin as a lack of style in men, and a lack of decency in women. however, its Just Like Spain, Very Similar Weather/Climate and a Summer Decent Clothes Will Do! What you wear reflects your social status in Morocco probably more than anything else. Even those with the least financial means will dress as smart as they can. Clothes are also often used as a statement about your view on life. For example, Moroccans with a more "western" attitude shun beards and traditional garments like the djellaba exactly because these are the favorite attributes of devout Muslims.   Morocco is very diverse geographically with huge stretches of coast both on the Atlantic side and on the Mediterranean side. Internally there are great plains and three large mountain ranges where in places skiing is possible. A big part of the country is covered in desert providing some hot Weather for the southern part of the country.   The normal dress code on the street in Morocco is to cover legs, chest and arms for both men and women. It can be cool at night between late October and April, though the days are warm to hot!   Also I would like to inform you that once you are on board you should fill 2 immigration forms each one white for entry and the other yellow for exit. Then Present both forms with each passport and the ticket to the Moroccan Policeman on board who is stamping the Passports during the Crossing and lets him know that you are for the day and he will Stamp your Passports twice entry and exit. This way you will save lots of time. we can came back to the Port to Catch the Catamaran only 5 minutes before departure instead of 45-Min!

You may also wish to bring an extra Films and Batteries for your Camera & a Comfortable Walking Shoe is Recommended! Happy Holiday..  



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